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Pay Per Click Company

As a pay-per-click company we strive to keep your cost per click low while maintaining a high click-through rate. Pay per click is a way to advertise your company with the major search engines quickly!! You can write the ad and have it Pay Per Click Companyon the front page with in minutes but, if not done properly, it could cost you a great deal of money. As your pay-per-click company we can keep you from losing a great deal of money by optimizing your pay-per-click campaign and in return you will receive the same front page status with a low-cost per click .  The key ingredient to a successful  pay-per-click campaign is optimization. This is all done by having each ad closely related to the landing page we are shooting for on your website.

Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization


Optimizing your campaign is the key to success in the pay-per-click  marketing world. In order to have an optimized campaign you must write an ad for each page of the website.  Each ad is its own campaign, in a sense !!! Take Google AdWords for an example!!  You start the campaign by, naming it with the exact keyword of the page we are advertising for. Once we have named the campaign we are asked to create ad groups. Ad Groups will consist of variants of the keyword we named our campaign after. Take for instance the keyword of the landing page we are shooting for in the campaign is lighting. We will name this Campaign Lighting + Your Business Name and the Ad-Group name will be lighting. Now the keywords will be variants of both the Campaign name and the Ad group name. For example we would start out with lighting, Lighting + city name, city name + lighting, outdoor lighting, Indoor Lighting, Bathroom Lighting and so on.  I highly recommend you hire an experienced marketer like Local One Marketing to handle all of your Pay Per Click campaigns for the simple reason,  if not done correctly you can burn through hundreds of dollars quickly.  Remember you can always play around with this, while your Pay Per Click Company is running your ads for you and then you can set up your own campaign on the side at a very low spending limit a day so there is not a great loss of money during the process. Please remember Local One Marketing is here to help you with all of your marketing needs.


Pay Per ClICK


 As Your Pay Per Click Company You Will Receive

Optimized Campaign

  • Keyword Rich Campaign
  • Highly Targeted Ads
  • Laser Targeted Traffic of buyers to your Website
  •  at a Low Cost Per Click
  • Dramatic Rise In Sales

Thanks and  “Be First In Local Search” with Local One Marketing  your Pay Per Click Company