The Importance Of Local Internet Marketing

We, as business owners have to look at the Internet as an International Highway that millions of customers are traveling everyday, searching for a product or service that will satisfy their needs !!!

Each keyword related to your business is like an exit ramp for your business. Our job is to make sure  your business is  the first company they see when they take that exit ramp towards the product or service they are looking  for.

When someone logs on to the Internet they pick the highway they are taking, the 3 major highways to travel the world are :

  1. Google ( the largest of the Highways)  then you have
  2. Yahoo ( the second largest highway) and then
  3. Bing ( coming in a close third)

Now,  when these customers log on to the Internet they have something in mind they’re looking for.

                                                                                      ” RIGHT “

 The word or phrase they type into these major highways (Search Engines) are very Important to your business.  If “YOUR COMPANY” has no reputation online then you receive NO VISITORS !!!

No Visitors means no sales $$$. 

Do not let this happen to your Business !!!

Just building a beautiful website that can cost you hundreds if not a few thousand  dollars is not going to bring the customers to you. You have to tell the Search Engine what “YOUR BUSINESS ” is all about . This can be very time-consuming , Tedious and disastrous if not done the right way. Let Local One Marketing do all of the hard work for you by, building your business a reputation to be proud of, and let us tell the world exactly what kind of Services or Products your company is affiliated with.


Our Services Include : 

  • Link Building 
  • Directory Submissions Or Citations 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Mobile Websites
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing 
  • Web Design

Let Us Put Together The Package That Best Fits Marketing Needs

Many of these marketing strategies may not be needed for the products or service you’re offering. Let us help you choose the ones that fit “YOUR BUSINESS ” and help you achieve your goals at the lowest cost possible.

What Local One Marketing Will Provide For Your Business

Our job is to make sure “YOUR COMPANY ” is one of the first things they see when they exit the highway(Google, Yahoo, or Bing ) searching for the product or service they need. This is done by building your business A” TOP NOTCH”profile online with several different methods we use. Your business needs to be “Relevant” to what the customer is looking for,” Safe” so they do not have to worry about using their credit card on your website, and most of all on the” FRONT PAGE” for the product or service they need !!!

A Customer Is Ready To Take Action When They Log On To The Internet

Millions of people log on to the Internet on a daily basis, 80% of them have something in mind, and ready to take some kind of action. The customer always types in some sort of keyword that is related to what they are looking for, once they type this keyword in, they are sent to a page that has a list of products or services. If your product or service is not listed on this front page, your business is missing out on a ton of traffic and sales.  Local One Marketing has a suite of tools that we use to study your business. We break your business down into keywords and build an online campaign around these keywords. The list of keywords that we come up with is basically the building blocks of your business. We take every one of these keywords and use our link building techniques to build your business. After we have completely built your business around these 3 Major Highways your company will be on the front page for every customer that types in anything closely related to your business AND WE GUARANTEE IT.

Hiring Local One Marketing

When you hire Local One Marketing we become a CONSTRUCTION CREW, a construction crew that will build an online campaign around your business that will place your listing on the front page of all the Major Search Engines ONLINE TODAY !!!

So give us a call at (832)326-5688 and we would proudly be at your service to handle all of your marketing needs.

Let Us make Your Business First In Local Search