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Remember the Days Before Email Marketing

Was there a time before email marketing hit the scene? Yes, for those who were in business before the modern internet era, there was a time when the best way to reach a customer was to snail mail them. With modern technology came a new, very cost effective way to reach customers on a consistent affordable way. Email marketing has paved a way for businesses to stay in practically constant communication with their customers. The new communication also allows for advertising, promotion, discounts, coupons, and the like. Email marketing has practically changed the face of doing business in the internet era.

Before email marketing, there was a very expensive and cumbersome method of reaching customers through direct mail. With direct mail, there were heavy costs in terms of creating a physical marketing item that was sent via the post office to the recipient. The first cost was having someone design the marketing material. Then the material had to be printed, and sometimes shipped. Then mailing labels had to be affixed. And usually the most expensive aspect was paying the high cost of postage.

 Email marketing can now be done in such a way as to be practically free by comparison.


A business can keep customers up to date at a fraction of the cost of any of the physical expenses. Services exist to optimize the ability to email customers. A good marketing strategy includes acquiring customer emails through permission based lead generation methodology. In addition, customers that shop or buy from a business often have to provide their email address, with the understanding that marketing style emails will soon be arriving in their inbox.

What businesses do with their respective email marketing campaigns is practically endless. Many businesses use email marketing to advertise promotions, discounts, and coupons. Another strategy is to seek referrals from customers. Upgrades, new product and service offerings also are found in effective strategies. With the focus of a lot of marketing being run through the social media websites, much of the email marketing is designed to gain Facebook friends and Twitter followers. With a solid email marketing campaign, reaching out to customers can be a very effective promotional tool.

At the end of the day, when we look back, there was a world before email marketing.


It was an expensive, cumbersome time to reach out to customers. In the new day of technology, email marketing has risen to the top of the list of resources for staying in touch with customers. Professional internet marketing services often feature email marketing in their service offerings. To find out more on how your business can effectively use email marketing!!!