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Pay Per Click Company

As a pay-per-click company we strive to keep your cost per click low while maintaining a high click-through rate. Pay per click is a way to advertise your company with the major search engines quickly!! You can write the ad and have it Pay Per Click Companyon the front page with in minutes but, if not done properly, it could cost you a great deal of money. As your pay-per-click company we can keep you from losing a great deal of money by optimizing your pay-per-click campaign and in return you will receive the same front page status with a low-cost per click .  The key ingredient to a successful  pay-per-click campaign is optimization. This is all done by having each ad closely related to the landing page we are shooting for on your website.

Pay Per Click Campaign Optimization


Optimizing your campaign is the key to success in the pay-per-click  marketing world. In order to have an optimized campaign you must write an ad for each page of the website.  Each ad is its own campaign, in a sense !!! Take Google AdWords for an example!!  You start the campaign by, naming it with the exact keyword of the page we are advertising for. Once we have named the campaign we are asked to create ad groups. Ad Groups will consist of variants of the keyword we named our campaign after. Take for instance the keyword of the landing page we are shooting for in the campaign is lighting. We will name this Campaign Lighting + Your Business Name and the Ad-Group name will be lighting. Now the keywords will be variants of both the Campaign name and the Ad group name. For example we would start out with lighting, Lighting + city name, city name + lighting, outdoor lighting, Indoor Lighting, Bathroom Lighting and so on.  I highly recommend you hire an experienced marketer like Local One Marketing to handle all of your Pay Per Click campaigns for the simple reason,  if not done correctly you can burn through hundreds of dollars quickly.  Remember you can always play around with this, while your Pay Per Click Company is running your ads for you and then you can set up your own campaign on the side at a very low spending limit a day so there is not a great loss of money during the process. Please remember Local One Marketing is here to help you with all of your marketing needs.


Pay Per ClICK


 As Your Pay Per Click Company You Will Receive

Optimized Campaign

  • Keyword Rich Campaign
  • Highly Targeted Ads
  • Laser Targeted Traffic of buyers to your Website
  •  at a Low Cost Per Click
  • Dramatic Rise In Sales

Thanks and  “Be First In Local Search” with Local One Marketing  your Pay Per Click Company

Local Internet Marketing And Seo

Local Internet Marketing is a much-needed task for small businesses owners today, If you have noticed,  most local businesses are fighting for the front page of the major search engines today ! Our local  internet marketing strategies will bring your business steady traffic, creating more sales, and establish a significant online presence for years to come. Our job as your marketing specialist is to inform the search engines of the products or services your business is promoting  by performing a thorough study of your business, establishing the exact keywords your business is related too, optimizing your site and creating backlinks with the exact keywords we found relevant to your business.

Local Internet marketing can cause serious damage to your website if not done correctly


Our studies have shown, if a websites growth looks unnatural, this will cause your rankings to fall drastically. Local internet marketing is very important for your business!!! The growth of your online presence should  look natural and our team will assure the longevity of the business you have work so hard to build. Search Engine OptimizationDo not let some company destroy what you have worked so hard for !!!  Let” local one marketing” create a safe, natural look for the search engines that will prosper for years too come.

Local internet marketing consist of distributing fresh content on the internet on a daily basis.

Local internet marketing gives your company the strength it needs,in order to have a front page presence on the internet today. The strength is gained by providing keyword rich articles in relevant places throughout the internet on a daily basis. We have talented writers ready to perform this exact task for your business, by providing the internet with all of the information it needs to rank your website on the front page of its listings. Our local internet marketing services will be the one expense your business will be excited to have, because of the huge amount of traffic a front page listing brings to a business, and in return your business sales rise dramatically. Local internet marketing is the backbone of a business today!! Do not let your business lose out on the huge amount of sales a strong online presence will bring.

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be one of the very best tools you can use for your promotional needs. Video marketing  is used to promote and educate the viewer on the product or service your selling. To have huge success with video marketing you can create a simple video as a sales pitch but, for there to be success with video marketing, it must be displayed with professional quality so the viewer will be enthused about the product or service your selling. This is very similar to creating a commercial for television, if the commercial is in poor taste and quality, the viewers will lose interest quickly.

Video Marketing And The Audience

Video marketing is huge amongst the selective group of people who prefer to watch video instead of reading text.

  • in February 2011, 82.5% of the U.S. Internet audience viewed a video online
  • Viewers watched 75% more videos online in December 2011 than December 2008
  • As of 2011 30% of Internet traffic is currently video. By 2013, 90% of Internet traffic will be video
  • Video marketing ads accounted for 12.4% of all videos viewed and 1.2% of all minutes spent watching video online
  • In February 2011 there were 3.8 million video ads, which averages about 30.2 ads per viewer and reached 42% of the total U.S. population

You Tube has now reached a larger audience then their owner Google. The fact of the matter is people would rather watch a good video then read a long drawn out article. In video marketing when you create a large amount of videos that are both unique and high quality, you will offer information on your product in a new way. Video marketing is taken very seriously here at Local One Marketing because of the high volume of consumers who watch videos on a daily basis.

Video marketing is a way to target the vast amount of video sharing websites on the internet todayVideo Marketing

There are many video sharing websites other than YouTube which you can utilize to submit and grow your video network. Your business even gets an indirect ranking boost by being associated with these sites which already rank high on the search engines list.The popularity of these video sharing sites is already established when you upload your video content and so a portion of the user traffic will be exposed to your information. When you get on the role of providing high quality, unique videos regularly, you will see more and more people subscribing to your video so they can see each one. You can build your own channel and drive massive traffic to your websites each and every day.
Video Marketing With You Tube

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

There are a number of different ways that social media can be used. They include:

  • Promoting products and services
  • Getting feedback from customers
  • Providing thought leadership in your industry
  • Monitoring your firm’s reputation

Social media marketing is a great way for a company to broadcast on the internet, because of the popularity of the social media sites on the Internet today. One good reason is that your competitors are starting to use it. Before your company starts social media marketing , you need to decide which objective or objectives you want to fulfill. It is very important to identify one objective in the start of the campaign!!! As a business owner when you start to become comfortable, with the results of this initial effort, you can experiment with different strategies to gain confidence and experience. When the experimental process has given you some successful results, you can start to think about a long-term social media marketing campaign for your business.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Must Be Consistent


Social media marketing campaigns can be successful by providing consistent, timely communication between you and your customers. At Local One Marketing we will create a social media plan. The plan will define how you want to accomplish your objective. As your social media marketing professional we will provide


  • Metrics used to evaluate effectivenessSocial Media Marketing Services
  • Social media platform
  • Tools used to monitor metrics
  • Frequent dispersal of information
  • Quality and keyword rich content
  • Daily monitoring of social platform
  • A response to posted comments


Social Media Marketing With Local One Marketing


Social media marketing is a way to inform the possible clients on the internet, of the product or service you can provide for them. Local one marketing will provide your business with a social platform that is consistent, Professional and of high quality. Our goal will be to grab the attention of all the social media users by promoting your business with consistent content on a daily basis. We will tell the world about your the new products or services, keep them informed on coupons or discounts your business is providing, and most of all we will consistently provide them with quality content about your business everyday that will keep your business in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers every day.  Give us a call at (888)994-9719  and let Local One Marketing tell the world about the products or services your business has to offer!!!



Mobile Media Marketing

In the world of new media, new devices, and general hand held technology, there has been a new frontier of direct contact or direct touch marketing through mobile devices. Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes. The marketing message that needs to be presented to a consumer through a mobile device is unique to that marketing method. Businesses that are on board with the new mobile media marketing methods are steps ahead of their competition.

Mobile Media Marketing the Future

Mobile media marketing is a massive marketing strategy because, practically everyone has a cell phone. Many others have portable devices such as IPods, tablets, and even laptops. Children are even carrying devices even before they can spell and write. Many people have more than one device, and count on Wi-Fi connections and the ability to sync their devices together. The amount of devices is so large; there has been a need to reinvent the way items are identified through IP addresses. Each year more and more devices roll out, so that technology is constantly being reinvented.

mobile media marketing

With mobile devices being so plentiful, the nature of the device is also very personal. New marketing messages and ways to reach out to customers have to be observed. Unwanted marketing messages can be dumped so that consumers don’t have to view or hear them. However, the opposite is also true. If a marketing message is of benefit to a consumer, they can allow you into their world, and give permission in countless ways. It’s a community where a business or marketer is invited in. Another big consideration of marketing messages is that marketing messages can and are frequently shared across a myriad of social networking platforms.

Mobile Media Marketing is Growing Too New Heights

Businesses that accept the simple truth that there is a new world that needs to be considered when dealing with marketing. A restaurant for example has everything to gain by having a QR code on their door that a consumer can scan with their phones. Once scanned, the restaurant may send them daily specials, coupons, and the like. That restaurant has leaped in front of the competition when they send a daily personalized special to the consumer, right at the point when they are considering what to have for lunch. Not to mention, if the food and service is good, there is a good chance that from their phone, they may like, tweet, share, or yelp about the business.

It makes good business sense to consider the world of mobile media marketing. It is an area of marketing that is being compounded upon daily. There are still niches available where the first come first serve innovators will take the lead in local markets. One of the leaders in the mobile media marketing area is Local One Marketing.

Link Building

The fact of the matter is link building is essential for the search engines. Google rates your site on the quality of your links and in return, your website is either loved or punished by Google.

Link Building… Time-intensive. Frustrating. Sometimes confusing. Yet Unavoidable. Because ultimately, it’s still the trump card for higher rankings

Naturally grown and high quality Backlinks can build long term traffic for your website!!! Link building is still today, as it was 10 years ago, one of the best ways to get traffic to your site. Our white hat link building strategies will grow your online presence for the long term and your business will receive the first page rankings we promised.

Link Nuilding


Remember the Days Before Email Marketing

Was there a time before email marketing hit the scene? Yes, for those who were in business before the modern internet era, there was a time when the best way to reach a customer was to snail mail them. With modern technology came a new, very cost effective way to reach customers on a consistent affordable way. Email marketing has paved a way for businesses to stay in practically constant communication with their customers. The new communication also allows for advertising, promotion, discounts, coupons, and the like. Email marketing has practically changed the face of doing business in the internet era.

Before email marketing, there was a very expensive and cumbersome method of reaching customers through direct mail. With direct mail, there were heavy costs in terms of creating a physical marketing item that was sent via the post office to the recipient. The first cost was having someone design the marketing material. Then the material had to be printed, and sometimes shipped. Then mailing labels had to be affixed. And usually the most expensive aspect was paying the high cost of postage.

 Email marketing can now be done in such a way as to be practically free by comparison.


A business can keep customers up to date at a fraction of the cost of any of the physical expenses. Services exist to optimize the ability to email customers. A good marketing strategy includes acquiring customer emails through permission based lead generation methodology. In addition, customers that shop or buy from a business often have to provide their email address, with the understanding that marketing style emails will soon be arriving in their inbox.

What businesses do with their respective email marketing campaigns is practically endless. Many businesses use email marketing to advertise promotions, discounts, and coupons. Another strategy is to seek referrals from customers. Upgrades, new product and service offerings also are found in effective strategies. With the focus of a lot of marketing being run through the social media websites, much of the email marketing is designed to gain Facebook friends and Twitter followers. With a solid email marketing campaign, reaching out to customers can be a very effective promotional tool.

At the end of the day, when we look back, there was a world before email marketing.


It was an expensive, cumbersome time to reach out to customers. In the new day of technology, email marketing has risen to the top of the list of resources for staying in touch with customers. Professional internet marketing services often feature email marketing in their service offerings. To find out more on how your business can effectively use email marketing!!!


Local One Marketing

Local One Marketing is here to help businesses all over the world gain exposure from the visitors of the Internet. The Internet is the # 1 place where people go to find the company or the solution for there problem. If your business is not showing up when people are searching for what you are selling or providing then your are leaving a ton of  money on the table.  Local One Marketing is at the top when it comes to helping businesses find their online identity.  Every company should have some kind of Identity online in order to keep up with their competition.  Local One Marketing will give you a professional looking online presence that will place your business in front of  hundreds if not thousands of highly targeted customers on a daily basis !!!

What One Of Local One Marketing’s Customer

Has To Say

Internet Marketing is on the Rise

Internet Marketing is now something a small business must have, in order to reach it’s full potential in sales.

The yellow pages and your cities newspaper have had to take on an online presence because of the public’s daily usage of the internet. There is very few people out there today that will pick a phone book to look for what they need. More companies are moving away from traditional marketing towards Internet marketing. During the 1990’s Mass Communications dominated the market. Advertisers focused on delivering one message to a mass audience through various mediums like television, radio, and print.  Now companies are shifting money from traditional marketing to Internet marketing because Internet marketing is a more effective way to show proven results.


Internet marketing is now becoming a full time job for the small businesses out there today.


This is because everyone in today’s society has an internet connection, either at home or on there mobile phone. If your trying to create ads in places like the yellow pages, you have to share that page with your competitors, unless your willing to spend an arm and a leg for the whole page, and it’s just not worth it. With internet marketing, a business can now claim there spot on the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Msn for a lifetime when internet marketing is done correctly. Internet internet marketingMarketing can give you a huge online presence, and when I mean online presence, I mean your website, that promotes your product or service on the first page of the search engines, and in return your business will receive a high rate of traffic for a very long time with internet marketing. I have noticed when you advertise with companies like Manta, Angie List or Craigslist, your either at the bottom of the page with your competitors or your right in the middle of them, where you just have a chance to make a sale. Be original and reap the benefits of having a spot on the front page with Internet Marketing.” Be first in Local Search” with Local One Marketing



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